Testimonial 2

We were told about this store from our neighbor, and when we walked in we were greeted beautifully. They were very helpful, and we now have a new store!!! – Denis LeBlanc

Testimonial 3

My whole experience with them was fantastic from the time I walked through the door. Given this pandemic we are dealing with. Only one person is allowed in the store at a time. And although it was a little wait it was worth it knowing that I felt safe going in. They clean everything, very sanitary and although they were unable to fix my phone, which was beyond their control, they gave me an awesome deal on another one and threw in a charger. Will definitely deal with Cody and the crew the next time I have an issue for sure. Thanks guys. 100% Satisfied – Krista Verner

Testimonial 1

Fixed my phone that was only a couple months old. It was in such bad shape when I brought it tuwm I thought for sure they’d be calling to tell me it was toast. To my surprise, it looks brand new again. Price is reasonable too! – Brittany Gahan